I grew up listening obsessively to Radio 1, pressing play and record, and arguing with my brother over who was singing the bass line correctly. I also loved languages, with their odd grammar habits and their alien sound systems; I still get a weird kick from having a conversation in a language that isn’t mine.

For a while, I went down the language route. I studied Linguistics, French, German and Mandarin Chinese, taught English as a foreign language, and did an MA and a PhD in language education topics. I taught students all about the structure of English, researched bilingualism in children, and tried to figure out Panjabi grammar.

I’m channelling my love of language and my ability to explain complex things in simple terms into writing, now. Helping people communicate is an unexpected thrill. Writing also gives me an outlet for my puppyish enthusiasm about a ridiculous range of topics, and means I sometimes get to tell jokes.

I’ve also, finally, come full circle back to music. I’m connecting people to the songs they love – the ones they grew up listening to – through singing them in brilliant harmony, and it’s more powerful and joyful than I’d ever have imagined.

LinkedIn has a proper, chronological overview of the progress of my life. You can also browse my writing portfolio, find out about my writing services, read more about my choral arranging, or have a look at Take It To The Bridge, the terrific pop choir we run in Hebden Bridge.