This is a list of my existing, tried-and-tested arrangements. Clearance is in progress for most of these songs; if the song title is a link, you can click to buy the sheet music or teach tracks at Choir Community. Click ‘watch video’ to see a choir in action singing the arrangements!

Some of these songs are currently licensed to particular groups. Contact me to find out how to sing any of these arrangements, or to commission something brand new.

Three-part arrangements (upper voices):

Four-part arrangements (mixed voices/ upper voices*)

*Many of these arrangements were written for the Pop Choir, Take It To The Bridge. Pop Choir uses a close four-part voicing, suitable for women on the top three parts and a mixture of women and men on the lowest part. It’s a really great alternative to SATB for community choirs, as means you don’t need to hunt for more men to make up the numbers, and it makes excellent use of women with low voices. However, most of these arrangements also exist in SATB form, or can be tweaked to suit an SATB choir – ask me!