Writing for businesses

I’ll help you put yourself, your business or your brand into words, staying true to your individual style. I’ll talk to you about what you need and how you want to come across, and we’ll work together to get it right. My services include:

  • Content creation – describing you and your business in words that feel authentic and accessible, whether it’s one or two pages, or a whole new site;
  • Website MOT – checking your existing website is clearly and accurately written, and your brand voice is consistent;
  • Blogging – writing regular posts that tap into the issues your readers will be most interested in;
  • Newsletter writing – keeping your customer base updated, entertained, excited, and inspired;
  • Social media – keeping you in your customers’ field of vision, and encouraging them to engage.

Contact me to discuss your ideas.

Examples: Ali came to me saying, ‘I don’t really do words.’ She wanted the new website for her physiotherapy practice to reflect her sense of humour and her friendly approach while staying professional in tone. Here’s what we came up with.

Screenshot (230)

Our new choir, Take It To The Bridge, needed a website to manage internal and external communications and showcase the choir. I developed the brand voice of the choir – which married puppyish enthusiasm and can-do attitude with a clear vision of the choir as musically outstanding – and built the website.

Screenshot (396)Lucy, from cycling apparel retailer Victor & Liberty, needed regular blogposts that engaged her bike-obsessed customers. We settled on a mixture of brand spotlights, humour, event write-ups, and lyrical odes to the delights of riding in the West Yorkshire countryside, where her business is based.

Screenshot (226)

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